Kennon to Showcase Cabin Liner System at DoD Conference

Kennon's VP of RD Mark Weitz, President Ron Kensey and Technifab's Senior Project Engineer Steve Kalman pose inside the V-22 mockup

We are excited to be presenting the Kennon Cabin Liner System at the 2011 SBIR Beyond Phase II Conference and Technology Showcase, hosted by the Department of Defense (DoD), in Atlanta, Ga.

The Kennon Cabin Liner System consists of aerospace qualified foam material that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a particular aircraft. Kennon’s engineers have worked to design a safer, more economical alternative to the current cabin liner systems. The Kennon Cabin Liner System provides better acoustic, thermal and ballistic protection. This alternative offers a greater value at a comparable price.

Kennon worked with Boeing and Technifab of Cleveland, Ohio to create its cabin liner. The end goal of the group effort is to shift the military aircraft interior paradigm to one that is clean, aesthetically pleasing and easy to install and remove. An initial mockup of the cabin liner appeared at the V-22 Executive Steering Summit (ESS) in Philadelphia, Pa. on May 25.

The full cabin liner mockup as showcased at the V-22 ESS on May 25.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants are instrumental in the beginning stages of several Kennon projects, including the cabin liner system. Steps toward commercialization of the cabin liner have resulted largely from Bell Boeing funding.

SBIR, DoD and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTT) programs contribute a billion dollars each year in early stage research and development projects to smallcompanies.

The SBIR Beyond Phase II Conference will take place Sept. 12-15. For more information, visit


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