Kennon Introduces Shop in a Box

Here at Kennon, we back up our promises: building Safer Covers Built to Last and Protecting High Value Assets. We are so dedicated that members of our team will fly across the country to pay our customers a visit and conduct our work on-site. With Shop in a Box, we can ship our materials to your location so that our team members can show up and get to work!

The Shop in a Box comes equipped with a sewing machine, fabricating equipment and various tools necessary to create our custom-fitting covers at the customer’s location. It was designed and built right here in Sheridan, Wyo.

The panel graphics were designed by our very own Ryan Myers. Kennon houses a large format printer with the capability of printing on a number of materials. For more information, visit

Shop in a Box was constructed by JBD, Inc. in Sheridan, Wyo. Kennon’s design team chose durable materials for the design so that it will easily store and protect the equipment that is shipped.

Kennon’s Design Team, Suzanne Binks and Dakotah Gali pose inside the Shop in a Box. They hope to see you soon! Kennon’s design capabilities are not limited to aircraft. We are often called upon to design and build covers for delicate equipment that is sensitive to the sun, corrosion, wind, dust and sand, or that requires protection during shipment and storage. This equipment includes, but is not lim-ited to: laser pods, satellites, unmanned land and aerial vehicles, industrial test equipment, gas and oil wellheads and oddly shaped, high-value assets.

Shop in a Box is ideal for large projects, such as transport and storage covers for multiple aircraft, that require quick turnaround. If you need protective covers for multiple aircraft, engines or pieces of equipment, Shop in a Box could be right for you. Call Kennon TODAY to reserve Shop in a Box for your next project! 307.674.6498 or 1.800.356.0809.

Shop in a Box will make its debut in Elizabeth City, N.C next week.


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