Kennon Owner/President Ron Kensey Named Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year

On Wednesday January 8th, 2014, the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce named Kennon Products Owner/President Ron Kensey as it’s 2013 Business Person of the year for outstanding leadership and contributions to the community!  Besides building covers that protect the high value assets in the military, commercial and general aviation fields, Kennon Products also works with customers in the oil & gas industry and in the hospital/patient safety fields. Kennon Products brings unparalleled experience in the engineering and design field, utilizing mechanical, chemical, material and design engineers to ensure we are one of the front runners in the industry when it comes to designing and producing our covers.  

In addition, Kennon Products introduced its Capacity to Care program in 2008 as a way to help and support non-profits in their business as well as to keep Kennon production staff busy making signage and other products.  In 2013 alone, Kennon Products contributed more than $60,000 in goods and services towards non-profits! This is a wonderful program that not only serves the needs of area business but also keeps our production staff busy; a “win-win” situation for sure!  Congratulations to Ron and the staff at Kennon Products!



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