Kennon Receives SBIR Grant to Develop Lightweight Flotation Devices

Kennon Products is a receipt of an SBIR Phase II award to develop lightweight and compact survival life preservers and rafts for U.S. Navy aircraft. Kennon is working with advanced lightweight materials that derive from the competitive sailing world. The overarching objectives of this Phase II project are to develop methods to bond the non-traditional materials into inflatable forms, and then develop economical, high volume production processes.

Rafts on a military helicopter can weigh in excess of 100 pounds, and take up a person-sized volume of valuable storage space. The technologies Kennon is developing could reduce raft weights and storage volumes by half or more. For inflatable life preservers, current air bladders take up a lot of valuable space over an aviator’s chest area. Successful Kennon outcomes will eliminate up to 2/3 of this volume, providing extra room in a very important space for an aviator.

Kennon Products, located in Sheridan, Wyoming, designs and builds protective coverings and products to protect high value assets. In this case, succesful results will help provide protection and improve performance for some of America’s highest value assets – U.S. Navy aviators and sailors.

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