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Kennon Products Earns BBB Award for Ethics

The BBB Torch awards for Ethics is in its 17th year and is annually given to businesses that promote their six principals for ethical business. These principals include transformation at the top, reinforce and build, unite the team, steer performance, treasure people and enthusiastically reinvest. – See more at:




March 27, 2015

News Release

Elkhart, Ind. and Sheridan, Wyoming — Transhield, Inc. and Kennon Products, Inc. recently announced they have formed a partnership under a collaborative agreement to deliver protective covers to the military aircraft market. The agreement allows Transhield and Kennon to provide cost effective and affordable solutions for the protection of military aircraft assets.

Transhield is the maker of advanced technology protective covers. The patented material is durable, waterproof, lightweight, UV resistant, and contains VCI+b – vapor corrosion inhibitors that not only prevent corrosion, but also mold and mildew. Kennon Aircraft Covers designs and manufactures aircraft covers and heat shields. Kennon is the maker of the Kennon Sun Shield, a wedge fitting form of heat protection that is the leading form of heat protection in the general aviation, business and military aircraft markets.

“We anticipate good things to come from this partnership,” said Jim Glick, president of Transhield. “A synergistic approach to this market segment is an all-around win. Kennon has outstanding design capabilities and existing patterns for many military assets. The collaboration will allow us to increase product selection and expedite delivery of superior, state-of-the-art protection for fielded assets.”

Kennon’s president Ronald Kensey stated, “Kennon takes pride in engineering and fabricating safe, form-fitting covers to protect high value assets. We are excited to team with Transhield! Aviation customers, including the Department of Defense, will be able to purchase Kennon covers made from the extensively tested and well-proven corrosion inhibiting materials from Transhield. Customers will benefit from our partnership with Transhield because now we can incorporate Transhield’s active vapor corrosion inhibitors and provide it at a price that they can afford.”

The co-branded product will be marketed as Transhield by Kennon. Combined, the two companies have over 50 years of experience protecting military assets. Kennon’s engineering capabilities combined with Transhield’s patented material will be used to offer Kennon designed covers for assets of the U.S. Armed Forces. The engineering and technology will combine to ultimately lower maintenance costs and increase mission readiness.

Transhield by Kennon will be exhibiting at the Army Aviation Association of America (Quad A) Summit March 29 – April 1 in Nashville, TN.

About Transhield, Inc.
Transhield, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of protective covers for use in the defense, aerospace, marine, rail and other industrial markets. Transhield products are valued worldwide for their high quality, patented corrosion reduction technology, and customized fit to help protect equipment investments. For more information, visit Also find Transhield on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

About Kennon Aircraft Covers
Kennon is located in Sheridan, Wyoming and has been building aircraft covers since 1984. The company is best known for properly engineering and constructing covers using technical fabrics and materials, and expert fabrication methods. Visit for more information or contact Ronald Kensey, President of Kennon Products, Inc., at or Phone: 307-674-6498.

Sources: Transhield, Inc., Kennon Aircraft Covers

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Kennon Cabin Liner on V-22 Demonstration Aircraft

Kennon Cabin Liner on V-22 Demonstration Aircraft

Kennon aims is to change the way that military transport aircraft are thermally and acoustically insulated

Sheridan, Wyoming (WY)  (May 1, 2014) Kennon Products, U.S. manufacturer of engineered coverings, has been contracted to install Executive VIP Cabin Liners into the Presidential Greenside Fleet, HMX-1. Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1) is the United States Marine Corps helicopter squadron responsible for the transportation of the President of the United States, Vice President, Cabinet Members, Foreign Dignitaries, Press Corps and support staff.  HMX-1 is acquiring twelve new V-22 Osprey, a highly capable, highly flexible rotorcraft by Bell-Boeing.

The contract with Navy Aviation Systems Command (NAVAIR) is a SBIR (Small Business Innovation Business Research) Phase III contract that continues the company’s work performed under the SBIR Topic N06-016 “Attachment Device for Aircraft Blankets”.

Kennon aim is to change the way military transport aircraft are insulated, by replacing the commonly used “quilted blanket” insulation to a safer, precise fitting, sound-dampening cabin liner system, as will be installed on these 12 HMX-1 helicopters.

“Kennon’s aim is to offer engineered aircraft covers and other protective solutions to help protect our customers’ highest value assets,” said Ronald Kensey, president of Kennon Products, Inc.  “Kennon’s sound-dampening, insulating, flame-resistant cabin liner safely conceals electrical wires, hydraulics and other utilities.  It is precisely fitted to the internal curves of the aircraft, creating a safe, comfortable work-friendly cabin envelope for the passengers aboard.”  Kennon’s HMX-1 cabin liner installs easily using Kennon’s attach-and-lock system.  To view a case study of Kennon’s cabin liner for the Presidential Greenside Fleet, visit or join Kennon Products Inc on LinkedIn.

Founded in 1984, Kennon protects high value assets for the U.S. Military, commercial and private aviation, aerospace, original equipment manufacturers, health care, and energy clients across the globe. Kennon’s team of engineers, technical designers, and production experts employ advanced material and fabrics to produce superior, safer, custom covers, precisely fitted to last for the long-haul.  Kennon is well-known for its military aircraft covers, the Kennon Sunshield and its many aircraft, aerospace and industrial covers and solutions.  In addition to its ongoing collaborations with the U.S. military, the Office of Veteran’s Affairs, and Universities throughout the nation, Kennon actively engages in SBIR research and development, ensuring that it remains at the leading edge of materials science and manufacturing.


Kennon Aircraft Covers Onboard New F-35 Lightning II

Kennon Aircraft Covers Onboard New F-35 Lightning II

Arizona Govenor Jan Brewer addresses a gathering at Luke AFB as a unit receives new F-35 Lightning II aircraft protected with Kennon Covers


Lockheed Martin Acknowledges Kennon for 100% Quality & Delivery


Kennon Receives Grant to Develop Lightweight Flotation Devices for Navy Aviators

Kennon Products is a receipt of an SBIR Phase II award to develop lightweight and compact survival life preservers and rafts for U.S. Navy aircraft. Kennon is working with advanced lightweight materials that derive from the competitive sailing world. The overarching objectives of this Phase II project are to develop methods to bond the non-traditional materials into inflatable forms, and then develop economical, high volume production processes.

Rafts on a military helicopter can weigh in excess of 100 pounds, and take up a person-sized volume of valuable storage space. The technologies Kennon is developing could reduce raft weights and storage volumes by half or more. For inflatable life preservers, current air bladders take up a lot of valuable space over an aviator’s chest area. Successful Kennon outcomes will eliminate up to 2/3 of this volume, providing extra room in a very important space for an aviator.

Kennon Products, located in Sheridan, Wyoming, designs and builds protective coverings and products to protect high value assets. In this case, succesful results will help provide protection and improve performance for some of America’s highest value assets – U.S. Navy aviators and sailors.


Kennon’s Engine Wash Collection System Distributed By Aerosafe Products

Kennon's Engine Wash Collection System Distributed By Aerosafe Products

A superior way to capture all engine wash fluids. This capture system allows you to keep hazardous waste from polluting the environment. Simple to install and easy to remove. Distributed for Kennon by


Kennon Builds Covers for the ELF

Kennon Builds Covers for the ELF

The ELF is a sun-powered trike. You can pedal it or use the electric assist!
Kennon builds the covers that keep the ELF safe and secure.

Kennon Owner/President Ron Kensey Named Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year

On Wednesday January 8th, 2014, the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce named Kennon Products Owner/President Ron Kensey as it’s 2013 Business Person of the year for outstanding leadership and contributions to the community!  Besides building covers that protect the high value assets in the military, commercial and general aviation fields, Kennon Products also works with customers in the oil & gas industry and in the hospital/patient safety fields. Kennon Products brings unparalleled experience in the engineering and design field, utilizing mechanical, chemical, material and design engineers to ensure we are one of the front runners in the industry when it comes to designing and producing our covers.  

In addition, Kennon Products introduced its Capacity to Care program in 2008 as a way to help and support non-profits in their business as well as to keep Kennon production staff busy making signage and other products.  In 2013 alone, Kennon Products contributed more than $60,000 in goods and services towards non-profits! This is a wonderful program that not only serves the needs of area business but also keeps our production staff busy; a “win-win” situation for sure!  Congratulations to Ron and the staff at Kennon Products!


Kennon Sun Shields are Still Keeping Aircraft Cockpits Cool


Does anyone remember the “Kennon Challenge?”   When we introduced the Kennon Sun Shield at Oshkosh over 25 years ago we equipped one Cessna Cardinal with Kennon Sun Shields and another with Thermacon-F heat shields. The Thermacon-F was market leader at the time.  Both aircraft were wired with digital thermometers.   Kennon Sun Shields won the challenge and aircraft owners liked that Kennon’s didn’t require messy Velcro or suction cups to keep them in the windows.   Kennon soon became the leading form of cockpit heat protection and remains so to this day.

We also tested the Kennon Sun Shield against external cabin covers.  Our Sun Shields won every time.  The Kennon Sun Shield is made of two sheets of highly reflective material separated by two layers of air bubbles.  The shields reflect the sun before it’s  they are absorbed by the interior to generate heat.

We started our business out of a garage in Temple City, California.  The Kennon Sun Shield was invented by Paul Kennon Chaney.    The endeavor was funded with $500 and maybe a Master Card or Visa.  I didn’t quit my day job until five years later when I moved the family and all of our belongings to Sheridan, Wyoming in the back a converted school bus.

F-15 Sunshields

In 1991 a USAF Aerospace Engineer from the Windshield Program Office Wright-Patterson  AFB  was tasked with finding a solution to cockpit heat buildup in the F-15s that were deployed to the Persian Gulf.  Malcolm Kelley, found our sun shields on a Beech Bonanza at the Columbus, Ohio airport.

To make a long story short, the Windshield Program Office tested and approved for DOD use, the Kennon Shield in over 30 different military aircraft.  I’ve posted some of their notes that have been released to the public at  .  The Kennon Sun Shield is the only form of reflective heat protection that has been approved for DOD use.

Cessna 177RG sun shields

Other companies have tried to imitate our product> We’re flattered of course.  But, there are some major differences.  One is the fit.  Kennon Sun Shields remain in place because our design has been perfected over the years.

The Kennon Sun Shield material is made for our company and made according to our specifications.  It is rigid enough to hold its shape yet flexible enough to roll and store in its own storage bag.  Others may look similar, but they are not Kennon’s unless you see our label.  No suction cups or Velcro is needed to keep them in place; our perfect fit does not require it.   Kennon Sun Shields are the only shields tested and approved for use on a wide variety of military aircraft and have protected them safely in the hottest places in the world for over twenty years!

I’m proud to say that practically every aircraft deployed has one product or another designed and manufactured by Kennon.