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Kennon proposes to study construction techniques to replace sewing

The Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility (NCTRF)  develops new clothing and gear for Navy and other military uses.  Construction techniques generally involve sewing, usually double stitched for reinforcement.  With new capabilities deriving from waterproof/breathable fabrics, garment fabrication includes the extra process step of seam taping all the sewn seams.  This process is labor intensive, and adds weight and bulk to garments.  Overlapping and complex seams in general add bulk, reduce comfort, and are prone to abrasion and failure.

New techniques are emerging that can weld and/or bond fabrics together, creating lighter garments with flat, waterproof seams.  These garments are currently found in high end recreational outerwear.  Attempts to adopt these techniques at NCTRF have been unsuccessful considering Navy’s demanding material and application requirements, and their fabrication capabilities.  Through the SBIR program, Navy is seeking to advance the state-of-the-art in bonded garment construction methods.  Bonding fabrics involves a similar fabrication skill set as sewing, but requires a much greater knowledge of the materials being joined, including the use of adhesives, heat, pressure, and reinforcements, in order to achieve bonds as strong or stronger than sewn seams.

Kennon Products, of Sheridan, has proposed to explore and develop bonded fabrication techniques for NCTRF’s use, and also to expand Kennon’s fabrication capabilities.  Kennon will utilize its own expertise in materials, as well as expertise at Auburn, and an established network of specialty material suppliers, to develop effective methods for advancing military and commercial garment and gear construction.

Kennon was supported in developing this proposal through a Wyoming SBIR Strategic Initiative (WSSI) Phase 0 grant.  WSSI operates out of the University of Wyoming, and assists and supports Wyoming’s small businesses in developing new technologies and capabilities.


Kennon Receives Grant to Develop Cold Water Survival Gear for Navy Aviators

Flying over cold water is a hazard faced by military aviators, and one that is increasing as global threats emerge and move about.  Ditching an aircraft in cold waters is dangerous and difficult.  Egress is challenging under ditching conditions, and crew members who escape successfully can encounter immersion hypothermia in minutes if not properly protected.  Aviators/aircraft are equipped with life preservers, insulating suits and inflatable rafts.  Of the three, the life raft is considered the most versatile and functional component.


Kennon Products, Inc. of Sheridan, Wyoming has been awarded an SBIR Phase I grant from NAVAIR to develop lighter, more compact rafts, as well as lighter insulating suits, and a lighter, more reliable raft-filling system.  Kennon is teaming with specialty material suppliers and fabricators, as well as engineering faculty at the University of Wyoming and Auburn University, with goals of developing solutions that are 1/3 the weight and 1/2 the bulk of current equipment. 

Kennon was supported in developing this proposal via a Phase 0 grant from Wyoming’s SBIR Strategic Initiative (WSSI), a technology support arm of the Wyoming Business Council.  Kennon will work over the next 6-9 months to produce prototypes that demonstrate how advanced materials and fabrication techniques can produce lighter, more effective cold water survival gear.

Kennon is a manufacturer of products that protect high value assets. This is one of several SBIR grants that Kennon has received from the Department of Defense. The company is currently commercializing products that have been derived from its earlier research. 

Kennon Builds Protective Covers for MH-60 Aircraft

The task was to create several Seahawk Helicopter covers for the US Coast Guard that would protect and prepare them for outdoor storage. Kennon builds covers that are weather-resistant, keeping the aircraft safe and dry. Kennon covers breathe to allow the escape of any incidental moisture in the air, thus eliminating corrosion.

Kennon’s transport and storage covers are known for their tight fit.  Padded covers like these protect aircraft from flying gravel that is encountered while traveling long distances at high speeds on truck-beds.

Kennon protective cover for the SH-60 Helicopter

The task was to cover practically every inch of the Seahawk to prepare it for outdoor storage until the Coast Guard was ready to refurbish it.

A tight fit is important to minimize abrasion to the surface of the aircraft.

Santa has placed some of the USAF Kadena F-15 Order by the Fireplace With Care

Kennon’s F15-E Engine Plugs

“Nose art” for military aircraft may be a thing of the past but  “Engine Plug Art”  lives on at Kennon and our customers love it!


Kennon’s on the Way to Summit Aviation & Bell Boeing’s V-22 Osprey


Kennon’s “Shop in the Box” is on the way to Summit Aviation, Middletown, Delaware where the company will install the new Kennon Cabin Liner on Bell Boeing’s V-22 Osprey Traveling Exhibition Aircraft.

Kennon’s cabin liner is being developed to replace quilted fabric insulation blankets commonly used onboard many military aircraft. Kennon’s system will provide better thermal and acoustic insulation, and eliminate many of the problems associated with quilted fabric blankets.

The project is to be completed by December 8, 2011.

Kennon Introduces its Core Values

Kennon Products, Inc. and its subsidiary, Bella Graphics & Display, have developed an official set of core values applicable to both companies.

Members of the Kennon and Bella teams worked together to define these values over the past few months. Now we would like to present its core values:

This concept speaks for itself. Kennon believes strongly in the notion of compassion and consideration for people, whether it be a non-profit organization that serves the community, military personnel that dedicate their lives to protect our country, a colleague who works overtime to finish a project or a customer who seeks advice on a product.

The safety of colleagues and customers is a top priority at Kennon. Kennon encourages everyone to work safely, play safely and live safely at all times.

Urgency does not equate to cutting corners. Kennon values efficiency, but also strives for exceptional and reliable products and services. Kennon promises “Safer Covers Built to Last” and it must live up to that promise.

Kennon has an inside joke about completing tasks or projects “by Friday.” Granted, this isn’t a feasible deadline for many projects, but the idea of completing a task efficiently and in a timely manner is of the utmost importance.

The term “quality” holds different meaning for different people. Kennon believes in delivering products and services that not only meet a customer’s expectation or definition of quality, but exceeds it. Kennon desires to make good on its promises and to be held accountable.

Innovation has become a necessity in today’s world. Kennon encourages both employees and customers to think outside of the box and exercise creativity, because fear holds people back from achievement all too often.

This signifies transparency, both to co-workers and customers. Every employee has the ability and the authority to do right by customers and to speak truthfully.

Kennon encourages its employees to enjoy themselves, no matter where they are. Keeping the work environment fun enhances employee relationships and productivity.

The hiring process at Kennon is very selective. Once the right person joins the team, Kennon strives to keep that person and help him/her become the best he/she can be.

In alignment with being held accountable and having shared authority to do the right thing, Kennon encourages feedback from employees and customers. Kennon wishes to maintain lines of communication that are transparent, always truthful and considerate of others.

Kennon Introduces Shop in a Box

Here at Kennon, we back up our promises: building Safer Covers Built to Last and Protecting High Value Assets. We are so dedicated that members of our team will fly across the country to pay our customers a visit and conduct our work on-site. With Shop in a Box, we can ship our materials to your location so that our team members can show up and get to work!

The Shop in a Box comes equipped with a sewing machine, fabricating equipment and various tools necessary to create our custom-fitting covers at the customer’s location. It was designed and built right here in Sheridan, Wyo.

The panel graphics were designed by our very own Ryan Myers. Kennon houses a large format printer with the capability of printing on a number of materials. For more information, visit

Shop in a Box was constructed by JBD, Inc. in Sheridan, Wyo. Kennon’s design team chose durable materials for the design so that it will easily store and protect the equipment that is shipped.

Kennon’s Design Team, Suzanne Binks and Dakotah Gali pose inside the Shop in a Box. They hope to see you soon! Kennon’s design capabilities are not limited to aircraft. We are often called upon to design and build covers for delicate equipment that is sensitive to the sun, corrosion, wind, dust and sand, or that requires protection during shipment and storage. This equipment includes, but is not lim-ited to: laser pods, satellites, unmanned land and aerial vehicles, industrial test equipment, gas and oil wellheads and oddly shaped, high-value assets.

Shop in a Box is ideal for large projects, such as transport and storage covers for multiple aircraft, that require quick turnaround. If you need protective covers for multiple aircraft, engines or pieces of equipment, Shop in a Box could be right for you. Call Kennon TODAY to reserve Shop in a Box for your next project! 307.674.6498 or 1.800.356.0809.

Shop in a Box will make its debut in Elizabeth City, N.C next week.

Kennon to Showcase Cabin Liner System at DoD Conference

Kennon's VP of RD Mark Weitz, President Ron Kensey and Technifab's Senior Project Engineer Steve Kalman pose inside the V-22 mockup

We are excited to be presenting the Kennon Cabin Liner System at the 2011 SBIR Beyond Phase II Conference and Technology Showcase, hosted by the Department of Defense (DoD), in Atlanta, Ga.

The Kennon Cabin Liner System consists of aerospace qualified foam material that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a particular aircraft. Kennon’s engineers have worked to design a safer, more economical alternative to the current cabin liner systems. The Kennon Cabin Liner System provides better acoustic, thermal and ballistic protection. This alternative offers a greater value at a comparable price.

Kennon worked with Boeing and Technifab of Cleveland, Ohio to create its cabin liner. The end goal of the group effort is to shift the military aircraft interior paradigm to one that is clean, aesthetically pleasing and easy to install and remove. An initial mockup of the cabin liner appeared at the V-22 Executive Steering Summit (ESS) in Philadelphia, Pa. on May 25.

The full cabin liner mockup as showcased at the V-22 ESS on May 25.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants are instrumental in the beginning stages of several Kennon projects, including the cabin liner system. Steps toward commercialization of the cabin liner have resulted largely from Bell Boeing funding.

SBIR, DoD and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTT) programs contribute a billion dollars each year in early stage research and development projects to smallcompanies.

The SBIR Beyond Phase II Conference will take place Sept. 12-15. For more information, visit

Ballistics Testing

We pride ourselves in creating safe, protective covers that are built to last. Our engineers are working to refine bullet-proof materials that will help save lives.


Joe Wright, Gwynedd Thomas and Kelly Brennan prepare a test sample

Sample material with captured bullets

We were joined by Chris Davis,  Wyoming’s News Reporter for KOTA Territory News. Watch for the broadcast on KOTA TV in the next week!